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Wedding photography is about telling a story… your story

A wedding is a story about a couple’s beginning together… and the story of the most beautifull day of your life. Today, our clients ask us to capture those strong emotions that only last a fraction of a second, the unexpected events occuring, those smiles and laugh…

As wedding photographer, we do not only take the photos of your wedding, because this, anyone can do it, even your uncle or cousin with his phone. No, we are capturing the soul of this wonderful day, colors, perfumes, tones, everything that makes this day so particular, and we paint it on living images, vivid photographs, so that this day would continue to tell its story to you and the generations that will come after you.

Your wedding is one of the most important day of your life, you will keep those memories all through your life, and will share them to your children and your grand children.

Wedding Coverage

A meeting with the couple before the wedding.
• One lead wedding photographer
4 hours of coverage
Ceremony Coverage . This will cover your celebrant/church service from guests’ arrival to end of ceremony
Couple photographie session.
Group shots, and guests shots
Documentary photography of the wedding, during all the day.

• The travel expenses of the photographer up to 30km from Cannes on the wedding day.
• All the photos are edited and send to the client in full HD resolution.
• The photographs will be made available to the client on the private internet web gallery.

Starting at 1200€

Included :

Your photos on a private on line gallery

The best shots sent the next days

We quickly send you a selection of about twenty of the best shots of your wedding day, in the week following your wedding, so that you can share to your family, and print some Thank You Cards for your guest if you planned to. No long waiting for you, your guests and family. In the next days after your wedding, you will receive the most beautiful photographs so you can share them with your peers.

Photo editing

All the wedding photographs are edited, with Lightroom and/or Photoshop, so have the colors become alive, raise constrasts, and on some shots create some stylish and artistic effetcs.

Full wedding reception coverage

Coverage of the night reception

During the reception, the wedding photographer does not just take photos of the guest, but much more. He recreates the mood of the reception on the photographs. Decorations of the room and tables, all the small details that took you so long to set up, but also all those fantastic moments during the games, when some magical emotions arise…
Unexpected emotions during the speeches, the first dance, and the cutting of the wedding cake. Most of the time, in low light, we as wedding photographers know how to shoot those moments without using flash on every photo, that will take all emotions away. Our high end cameras and equipment, as well as our experience, allow us to create mood on the pictures, while using ambient light, to avoid making flat « flash » photographs. The flash usually takes off all the deep emotion in the photos. That why we master ambient light photography during night times.

Taking high quality photographs during a night reception, in low light, is a hard task, that only a professionnal photographer will master.

Starting at 350 €

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Wedding Preparation

Bridal and groom preparation, the day of the wedding

The bride preparation can be done in a beauty salon, but we usually suggest to have them in the place where you will get dressed, in your house, in the hotel room, or in a castle. This will help keep a continuity in the emotions of the preparation, and the first moments of this magical day. This will also make the organizing more easy.
During the preparation, you are in the center of attention, and the wedding photographer will follow you during the whole preparation. We take some special time and attention to photograph the small details during this part of the day, family jewels and special objects that are important to you, as well the wedding dress, shoes, suit, watch… All those details that have impotant meanings to you during this special day.

Starting at 100 €

for each preparation session
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Brunch coverage, the next day of the wedding

The photographer goes to the brunch on the morning of the following day of your wedding. This is a good way of having more « laid back » style photos, of the guest and the couple.

Starting at 400 €

Wedding album

The hardcover book of your wedding

We offer the wedding album that showcases the photographs from your big day with style and elegance. Our hardcover wedding photo books are made to last, and are of high quality. You choose the photos that you want to include in the wedding album, and we design and create the album for you. As many pages as you wish, starting at 24 pages.

Starting at 350 €

Other services

We also offer other various services :

A Photobooth, that will allow your guest to shoot themselves
The printing of photos on the wedding day, so you can give them to the guests
The screening of photos or videos on a big screen, with a projector, during your wedding