DJI Phantom 3 Advanced – image testing

All shots are :

  • D-LOG
  • 24p & 1/50 shutter speed
  • Style = -1 sharpness, -3 contrast, -2 saturation
  • Color Graded on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • All shots are shots in 1080p, except the last one, shot in 2.7k.
  • All screenshots are taken from within Adobe Premiere timeline, display quality to maximum, except the last one, it comes from the H.264 exported file.
  • All shots are with PolarPro ND PL VIVID CINEMA filter, ND16. Except mentioned under the shot.


Post Production :

  • Sharpness is raised to +37 in Adobe Premiere Pro, with the Lumetri effect.


As you can see, all shots suffer from sharpness issues, everything is very blurry, except the one image with the bike and the quad, which is ok.



Video here :